Cyberbullying: Don’t Be a Jerk Online

mayo 6, 2021
Cyberbullying don't be a jerk online
mayo 6, 2021

You’ve sent a funny comment on someone’s Instagram post. You laugh to yourself, thinking you are very clever. You keep checking your feed, posting funny comments here and there. Yeah, you are hilarious.
But what you don’t see is the reaction of those people behind your screen. They are probably not laughing. What you might thought was funny could have hurt someone’s feelings.
In the online world, it is easy to forget we are communicating with real people who have real feelings and emotions. Maybe it is time to avoid the humorous comments for a while and start thinking real hard about your behavior and how to be more respectful towards others. If you need help to stop being a jerk online, keep reading.


Are You Cyberbullying?

It’s not easy to identify cyberbullying actions. What could be amusing for some could be cruel for others. So, how do you know if you are being a jerk online? Here are some hints:

  • You’ve sent hurtful or threatening texts or emails.
  • You’ve harassed other players in online video games.
  • You’ve posted embarrassing photos of someone else without their consent.
  • You’ve invented fake profiles on social media to mock someone.
  • You’ve left cruel comments on someone’s social media.

Why Are You Cyberbullying?

Now, you know you’ve been cyberbullying, but do you know why? There are many reasons why people become cyberbullies, here are some of them:

  • Some people believe it’s harmless fun or just a joke.
  • People who are stressed, bored, or upset might resort to cyberbullying to blow off steam.
  • It can make people feel powerful or popular.
  • Some people might do it as revenge for being bullied.


How Can You Stop Being a Cyberbully?

If you’ve come this far, you’re on the right track. You’ve recognized you have a problem and want to fix it, and that’s the first step to change your ways. Follow these tips to change your behavior online:

  • Identify why you do it and work on that issue.
  • Find help to work on your aggressiveness and hate online.
  • Limit your access to online spaces and social media.
  • Take some time to think deeply before posting something online.

online bullying

It’s time to stop hiding cyberbullying behind the excuse of jokes and humor. It’s time to stop being selfish and think about others. Making fun of someone online is not harmless fun; the consequences can be very serious. It’s cruel and malicious to use someone else’s suffering for the entertainment of a few. Stop being a JERK ONLINE!