How to Set Goals: 5 Steps to Success

abril 19, 2021
Setting Goals
abril 19, 2021

To achieve success is necessary to set goals. Why? The answer is simple: We can’t accomplish anything if we haven’t defined it yet. When we establish goals, we take control of our life’s direction. We feel focused, and we guide our actions and decisions towards the achievement of those goals.

We all have set goals at some point in our life, and, likely, we have only accomplished just a few. The reason why we fail is that we don’t plan the steps to get to our goals. We focus only on the final destination.

If you want to learn how to set goals and achieve them, keep reading.

What is a Goal?

Some people fail to accomplish their goals because they tend to confuse them with dreams and wishes.

A goal is specific. It’s quantifiable and measurable. To consider something as a goal, you have to measure it in time and know exactly when you will get there.

Goals can divide it into some smaller objectives that aloud you to mark them as checkpoints to make sure you are going on the right path.

a goal is specific

How to Set Goals?

Setting goals is a conscious process that starts when you identify a new objective you want to accomplish. Then you create a plan and work to achieve it.

To start defining your goals, take a look at these steps.

1. Identify Your Goals.

Think about your future and the results you want to accomplish. Choose specific, measurable, and realistic goals. The best way to start is choosing a small one that takes you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

2. Write your goals.

When you write your goals, they become real. Have them in a visible place so you can stay motivated to pursue them.

create a plan

3. Create an Action Plan.

This step is essential. We frequently fail to achieve our goals because we don’t establish the steps to get there. Remember to be specific and create an action plan with all the steps and objectives to achieve your ultimate goal.

4. Take Action.

When you have defined all your steps is time to take action. Keep yourself motivated thinking about the final result. Be mindful that every step you take must lead you to the next until you reach your goal.

5. Assess Your Progress.

Every so often, you must evaluate your progress. By checking how close you are getting to your final goal, you will keep yourself motivated.  You can also assess if the action plan you created is taking you to the right path or if it’s time to look for other alternatives.

shape your future

The process of setting goals can be challenging at first, but once you start, you will realize how you gradually take control of your life and shape the future of your dreams!